This venture came about the same way many review sites do.Two people were discussing the relative merits of something (ereaders in this case) and vehemently declaring what they liked and didn’t like and how hard it was to find these things out until you’d actually tried at least one ereader for a reasonable period of time. That quickly became a case of “we could do that!” and a hunt for a good domain name.

And this was born eReader Advisor.

Both of us have spent considerable amount of time in the software industry and have a good grasp of not only how ereaders work but how to assess a variety of devices, software and accessories and explain what we think users or prospective users really want to know. Many of these are things we wanted to know ourselves.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to see many of these devices in person unless you have friends that own them or happen to live near a retailer of the non-proprietary ereaders. It’s certainly extremely difficult to get several of the devices in front of you at the same time to do a side-by-side comparison.

Our hope is that this site will help people understand ereaders and be able to make a more informed decision when they decide to buy one for the first time or uprgade to a newer model.

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I’m Maura and I’ve been an avid reader since early childhood. I’m currently a programming-writer (thing technical writer for software developers) after over a decade of being a software tester. I’m a published author and freelance editor as well as being a wife and mother. I live with my husband (Chuck), my youngest son and a variety of animals in beautiful Washington State. My oldest son is in the US Army and is currently based in Germany where he’s recovering from a (non-combat) injury in Iraq.

I read a large number of genres and buy everything from NYT Bestsellers to little independent press books. Basically whatever takes my fancy. I bought my first ereader about four years ago – an eBookwise – and have been hooked ever since. I still buy some books in paper but my buying habits have changed to almost completely electronic. I’m currently carrying a Kindle 2 ereader.

I like to buy books on the fly and not to be tethered to a laptop in order to load my books on my reader. My reader has to fit in my purses and not weigh too much because I carry it everywhere with me. It also has to have a good battery life for the same reason. My reader has to have adjustable font sizes as well because my aging eyes need extra help sometimes. I prefer for my reader to be usable in low light.


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