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Kindle Application for Android Announced

Amazon has announced today (May 18th) that a Kindle Application for the Android OS is currently in development and is expected to be released this summer. You can read the press release on Business Wire.

French Publishers Announce Joint eBook Distribution Platform

The Bookseller has announced that France’s largest publishers are joining forces to create a single eBook distribution platform so each publisher does not have to create their own site. You can read more about it on The Bookseller’s site.

Digital Rights Management Basics

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is another phrase for file security and is an effort to try to prevent electronic piracy by limiting who and how particular files can be opened. Unfortunately, some aspects of various DRM efforts can make it difficult for the consumer to legitimately make use of their purchased ebooks in ways they want to when they want to.

Decyphering File Types and File Type Support

One of the things people are most confused about are the lists of various file types they see on the technical specifications pages for the ereaders they are interested in. How do these translate to ebook retailer lists that list a few ereaders or software programs instead of the file extrensions? What do these file types translate to in the real world?

Got the site up

Got the basics of the website up! There will be some changes and modifications over the next few weeks as we get content up and refine the formatting.


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