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Kindle 3 Arrived Today

My new Kindle 3 arrived today. I love new toys so I’d been eager for it to arrive. They’re now taking orders for delivery in mid-September so I’m glad I ordered early.

Kindle 3 Available for Pre-Order

Today I received notice that Amazon’s new Kindle 3 was available for pre-order. The ship date appears to be August 27th. Of course, I went ahead and pre-ordered it. I currently have a Kindle 2 and am looking forward to comparing the two devices in person.

Aiptek Storybook inColor

Aiptek has announced a color eReader geared toward children called the Storybook inColor. It will play mp3 audio in association with books and has an 8-inch TFT LCD display.

PocketBook 901 eReader

Ukrainian PocketBook has announced two new eReaders – the Pocketbook 901 with a 9.7-inch basic eReader with e-ink display but no wifi or touchscreen.

iRex Maker Files for Bankruptcy

iRex Technologies, maker of the iRex ereader, filed for bankruptcy protection in the Netherlands. It’s unknown yet whether they will be continuing production or not.

COOL-ER Reader with WiFi and Touchscreen due in September

Interead has announced they will have their first COOL-ER ereader with wifi and a touch screen out in September. The price point is supposed to be under $249. Read more here.

Amazon Kindle Software 2.5 Update Delayed

Amazon apparently delayed the full release of the Kindle’s version 2.5 software in order to make some additional adjustments from early user feedback. They don’t have any information on new released dates though. Amazon’s information is available here. You can read enGadget’s article on it here. I’m disappointed – I really wanted the locking feature [...]

Asus eReader Tablet

Asus has announced the Eee Tablet, intended to primarily be used as an eReader. Read more on PC Magazine.

E-Ink Basics

When talking about the different displays of ereaders and features like backlights, etc., it can be really helpful to have a basic understanding of how the electronic ink (e-ink or eink) technology actually works to better help you understand why some features may or may not be possible on an e-ink display.

Woot has refurbished Sony Reader Pocket for $109.99

Woot (a daily deal site) has a refurbished Sony Reader Pocket edition for $109.99 – today only (5/19/2010) until 10pm PST or it sells out. See more here.


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